Inner beauty of mine and a lot of patience!

Yeay!!! for eating time!!! Yeay for stirring and mixing and throwing and smashing and mashing, and YEAY for getting messy!!!

On that picture above you can see my daughter reaching with her spoon towards me… Yes! While I was busy taking those pictures she slapped me in the face with a spoon full of food. “Take that mom!!! You look hungry”

{A Photo} Challenge

Today’s photo challenge theme at Mikayla‘s blog is “What you wore today”. Instead I linked up those two pictures above as a “What I tried to wear today but it didn’t happen”. These days it’s really hard to look decent. Our daughter is in a process of learning how to eat… no… how to use a spoon. A few times when I got really tired of it I tried to feed her without letting her hold one spoon on her own, but she wouldn’t eat. She wants to hold it every single time. So, every single time she eats we end up dirty from head to toe. More than often it has its end in the bathtub with a quick shower. Having full belly, being clean and happy, time to watch some tv. Recently she learned how to climb up and down the sofa… . … where she loves to sit and play with remote controller(s). If we take them from her she just sits, watches tv, or throw all the pillows down, so she has more space just for her.

Yes, we let her watch tv. We are one of those terrible parents that let their kids watch news. We do not protect her from those terrible faces as Glen Beck or O’Reilly. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. right?! It won’t harm to know from the start who to laugh at and whose words take into a consideration. Maybe. Maybe she’ll be the next Condoleezza Rice. Her parents let her watch tv as long and as much as she wanted to… . Anyway, from what I’ve noticed our Little Climber enjoyed the tv show “Army Wifes”… or wait… I think it was me… lol. But honestly the only thing she cares about is the music on every commercial to which she dances every single time and … changing channels…

and better one πŸ™‚

Linking up with Elena and her “Inner Beauty” theme for the week. My inner beauty is being a mom. I’ve changed… A LOT. I think different and I act different. I am a better person. She made me a better person. That little person turned my life around. I used to be patient, but with her… I surprise myself with how much more I can take than with any-body-else!!! Of course I break sometimes. I ask my husband to take a turn, but it doesn’t last long. The next thing I know, we are sitting on the sofa cuddling. I wouldn’t do that with anybody else. I hold a grudge against people for much too long, I know that, bu with her it’s just impossible. The thing is that grown ups know if they hurt somebody, if they did something, if they are who they are… She doesn’t know it, yet. She made me like people more… I feel like she softened me… Can’t explain that.

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12 responses to “Inner beauty of mine and a lot of patience!”

  1. I can see by your ‘whatever’ picture what you mean by her eating with a spoon by herself. I belive it must be exhausting to you, but I’ve to be honest, to me it’s sweet and funny. she is growing up, that is so beautiful. thank you for sharing that with us. you make it sound so funny, really well written and illustrated by your amazing photos. congrats. nice to know your blog. I’m portuguese, by the way πŸ˜‰


  2. these are great shots. i love that B&W diptych of your daughter watching TV.


  3. Ewa, this is one of the most beautiful posts I’ve ever read. HUGS!!


  4. Sweet, precious post. Shhh! I let my kid watch TV too….haha!


  5. oh, i remember the messy eating days when it was in their hair and everywhere! : ) these are some priceless pictures!


  6. My kids softened me, too.


  7. Just love those messy food photos! Wish I had taken some when my babies were learning how to eat with a spoon. I do have a video of my baby feeding herself yogurt, and it dripping all over. Those are wonderful memories!


  8. My little people had the same effect on me. I can totally relate to that whole liking people more because of them. πŸ™‚


  9. I remember those days well. A little too well. πŸ˜‰



  10. Perfectly captured the exhausting day being Mom of a little one. *sigh* I know someday we’ll miss this stuff. πŸ˜‰


  11. Oh, they can be stinkers can’t they? Too funny she wants to use the spoon. My kids went straight for their hands (heck they still do, even at almost 5 and 3).’s not that bad.


  12. Lol @ Glenn Beck not killing you (just a few brain cells maybe… :)).

    Amazing pics. Not just visually easy on the eyes, they are warm and cozy, I really like that.


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