Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Seeing Double

Our daughter does not let our dog to eat her food in peace. We used to feed her inside but our Little Doggy Food Eater always got into her bowl and ate that doggy food. Dog on the one side, baby on the other side of the bowl – picture that! Because of it we feed the dog outside, and our daughter watches her through the window making all kinds of noises, banging on the window sometimes yelling really loud.

2. Bright

My crochet garland hanging from the window. I know that this picture is not so bright, just wanted to show the contrast between dark inside and the bright light coming in through the window.

3. Space

If you look closely you’ll see our daughter. Far far away. She never cares how far she goes without us being around. She sees something/somebody she wants to get to and off she goes. NO MATTER WHAT!

4. Whatever

… because we are in a process of learning how to use a spoon. Sometimes it goes good, sometimes not so much. Sometimes only baby looks like that. Sometimes baby, mom, floor, and everything around include the wall in the kitchen.

5. Sweet

Yummy Banana Crumbs Muffins!!!

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