Because he loves to ride the trains…

Last weekend, sitting bored at the house we’d decided to change our state of mind and body… I wanted to go hiking, walking, doing a little bit more than just pushing on my keybord or the buttons on the remote controler(s).

Anyway, my husband throw out the idea of going to ride the train. He likes trains. I like parks and walks. We compromised that after the ride we will walk around.

So this is my story of that day.

After we bought tickets ($2 per adult +$0 for our daughter) we had to wait in lane – what our Miss Independent really liked:

after we got on the train we sat down, and enjoyed the nice view and great weather:

and we waited for the train to start moving:

The Paper Mama

and when it moved:

we waved:

we held on to dad’s thumb:

we enjoyed the wind in our hair 😉

 the entire ride was great. just great enough for our daughter to get confused, and for my husband to be very happy! that’s how little he needs 😉

Nice Mister Train Driver was waiting for me with patience and understanding in his eyes to be done with taking pictures.

He didn’t have much time, though. Next tour was waiting for him to turn back:

that places is called Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad in Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos. Just in case if you want to know 🙂

and then, she {snapped}the long roadLive and Love...Out LoudBetter in Bulk

Have a great one, everybody!

14 responses to “Because he loves to ride the trains…”

  1. Looks like a great adventure! I know all too well about compromising between what the hubby wants to do and what I want to do. Lucky for me it is much easier to get a hike in with two toddlers then to get a round of golf in!


  2. Oh, how fun! She looks so pensive. Adorable. Lovethe animated one on the bottom too. Her little legs waiting with everyone’s big legs was so cute. We had a place like that in West Virginia we would go to but so far out here there is nothing like that. We do have the diesel trains that go into Chicago but that’s not exactly near us, cheap, clean, safe for just a Mama and her kids and my husband hates people lol Go figure! Usciskam!


  3. How fun! I love a good train ride – those were the days!


  4. Looks like a really fun time!


  5. Oh that looks like so much fun! She is absolutely ADORABLE! 🙂

    WW: Princess Nagger Visits the Devonian Fossil Gorge


  6. that’s a great story in photos! looks like a great day out 🙂 and that thumb B&W photo is my favourite!!


  7. What a lovely time!


  8. What a great set of shots! I love your sweet entry….and also love that shot of your daughter with with landscape in the background. The train makes a great prop for photos~


  9. What a fun weekend and beautiful photos!


  10. Stopping by to thank you for participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. Have a great evening!



  11. […] Saturday: we went for a train ride. Last time we rode the train was almost a year ago.  […]


  12. Amazing how much she’s grown. And so fast. It’s like we’ve watched it right here on your blog like a video!


    1. doesn’t she? the same is going to happen with no. 2.
      I hope that some day they both are able to read this blog as our family’s memories.


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