One of those days…

We’ll call it a sick day.

Being a couch potato day.

Lots of midol day.

Too early wake up call day.

Dreaming about being somewhere else day.

Feeling like a baloon day.

Terrible diaper rash day.

Wishing everybody would leave me alone…

…and knowing it will never happen day 🙂

I hope everybody is having a betterr day than me…

PhotobucketMagical Mouse Schoolhouse

6 responses to “One of those days…”

  1. I could use one of those days.


  2. no Ewo !..ani myślę się licytować ale mój dużo ,dużo gorszy! nie wiem czy Ci to w czymkolwiek pomoże ale może 🙂


    1. ah… marudzę tylko i tyle! aż tak źle nie jest w sumie! Dam radę 🙂
      Mam nadzieję, że u Pani nie jest potwornie i do zniesienia chociaż.


  3. We all have those days… or need those days…. (minus the Midol!) Here’s to a better tomorrow. On the bright side, you got some great shots of cuddle time ;D


  4. bless you!! can i make you another coffee?? and give a gentle hug?? xx


  5. Love seeing a sleeping little one! So peaceful!


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