Let it be a tradition on the 4th of July

Every year in San Jose near our place people gather in a park with food, blankets, KIDS, cameras, etc. Dogs are not allowed. Upss. Last year we didn’t take her. This year we did, and it wasn’t that big of a deal. There was a big grass area right next to the park where all the “dog people” (and not only) were sitting. Last year was super extra cold. I was ready to leave before the fireworks started. Yes, I’m grumpy like that… sometimes. This year, I didn’t want to go out AT ALL, and the weather was beautiful. Oh well what you won’t do for love/husband. Right?! He wants it to be our tradition… . I do not really care. You see, grumpy… again. 😉

Last year flashback:

Our Little One – two months old.

and yesterday:

She was everywhere. It didn’t matter. Dog or human, or whatever. When she saw something interesting or somebody who was holding something interesting she would go there take that interesting thing and simply take off with it. She is not afraid of anything and anybody. When she takes off she won’t even turn back to check on us. No ma’am.

So whenever we let her play she takes off with a mission. Most of the time the mission is to get to the group of people. She is very social… . Sometimes I think too social… . 

Finally dad was able to hold her for a few seconds:

When the fireworks started she wasn’t afraid. She jumped a few times, but she didn’t cry. She cried because she didn’t want to sit. She wanted to run what didn’t fly with dad who wanted to sit and watch the fireworks.

… and as you can hear on the video our Little Ants In Her Pants got ants in her pants. stubborn dad started to “shushing” her what of course didn’t work, but dad is dad… and there is his way or the highway (just kidding (not) ;P). We ended up leaving the park earlier, just to let the rest of the people around us to enjoy the fireworks and not our daughter’s cranky voice and shushing her, dad 😉

I hope everybody had a wonderful yesterday 🙂


Photobucket Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

10 responses to “Let it be a tradition on the 4th of July”

  1. It looks like she’s gotten rather friendly and curious in the past few months. Great photos.


  2. I missed the small display they did here at the Navy Club, but def next year will be taking the boys!


  3. Hey, I’m just over near Pleasanton! Was a great 4th over here too.

    stopping by from the tuesday hopt!
    Would love a follow back and say hello!


  4. awww, fun! and gorgeous pictures of the fireworks!


  5. Cute pics and I love the fireworks!


  6. Cute pictures… Happy 4th.


  7. oh my! they grow soooo fast!! my wee boy is almost 16!! how did that happen??? great photos – thanks for sharing with us 🙂


  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. She is such a fun baby : ) I am glad you could sort of enjoy your night out. Your firework pictures are the coolest.


  9. Too cute. What a difference one year can make! Love her hair, so healthy. I completely understand. Wrangling two children in public, I feel like a circus leader or something.

    My husband is anti fireworks, anti people, so unless we are walking in a field somewhere alone, we go nowhere. Unless I grab them and go alone.

    Happy Independance Day!


  10. It will be a good tradition…

    And these are some great photos to kick it off!



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