Scavenger Hunt

1. Pop of color

(our daughter is learning how to swim. she’s getting better every single time. now she figured it out that to get to the spot she wants to be she needs to kick her legs. soo funny!)

2. Toy

(and that’s why I need to wash teddy bears every single week. our daughter likes to share and when she doesn’t our doggy likes to take it without asking…)

3. Hidden (yoga baby)

(new style of drinking a bottle. it doesn’t matter how, it works – that’s what matters)

4. Crossing Thresholds

(getting more and more comfortable with all the stuff on the playground)

5. X-ray

(remembering my accident from 2008. fractured spine, and many x-rays)

have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

10 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

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  1. As usual, your photography is awesome! My oldest was like that with swimming. Toddler though (can’t call her baby anymore can I?), isn’t that good because we don’t go anywhere to swim here, except the Lake with it’s waves and undercurrent and whoknowswhat lurking in that cold dark water (gulp). E is getting so big 🙂


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