Recycled Magazine Mirror Frame

We had a mirror that was kind of dirty with paint. I couldn’t clean it so I thought I’ll paint it over. That mirror was laying in the house for much too long and finally a week ago I got a new idea – I’ll make a frame from recycled magazines. I make pictures frame the same way so I had a bowl (made from newspapers, mostly junk mail) filled with extra coiles made from cut magazines.

That’s my bowl:

A little bit glue on the old frame part and we’re rollin… 🙂

I used two pieces of a cardboard. One for covering the floor, and the second one for covering the mirror surface while spraying the frame with the glue.

My two little helpers. Always together! Always watching what I am doing. Always ready to help.

Work in progress…

I have to admit that it took me about a week or more to finish that mirror. It’d been laying on the patio’s floor and many times my husband would step on it… Oh well. My fault. When I started that project I didn’t have enough rolled coild and I had to stop to make a few more… and it wasn’t enough again, so I had to make more… and so on… .

At the end I sprayed it with spare urethane to make the frame a little bit glossy. It looks really nice.

Today was the last day. It’s done!

Our daughter JUST LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!

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19 thoughts on “Recycled Magazine Mirror Frame

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  1. That is a wicked cool project! I think your daughter is enamored by the child in the mirror, not the mirror itself (you probably picked up on that 😉 ). When she’s older, I bet she’ll want that mirror!

    Do you suggest a spray on glue exclusively for a project like this, or might there be another type of glue that would ensure longevity?


  2. Great idea! Wasn’t sure how it would turn out but looks fabulous. And your daughter is getting so big and so adorable! I could squeeze her! She and my younger daughter look so similiar it’s scary, especially since you are from Eastern Poland and I am from South and Central Poland, so we look a bit different actually. lol Anyway, as always, Big hugs from me!


  3. This turned out great! I have a bunch of those sticks that have been waiting for me to come up with a project and yours looks so great I may have to copy it! Imitation is the best form of flattery you know! Great job!


  4. i like your idea very much so now i am doing the litle rolled pieces of magazine. I ll try to make an old mirror in my dauther s house. I hope she like it.


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