Recollections of hiking in the mud

On the weekends we always try to go out and do something fun. It doesn’t work every single time… but we try. There are so many beautiful parks, and reservoirs around us that actually we have to try very hard not to find any interesting place to go out to 😉

Sometimes going out is a necessity for us… for me… . It keeps me healthy… Mentaly healthy.

So… the last time it had been raining we couldn’t go out for a few days. The “indoor time” reached my endurance limit… . The next minut it stopped raining we left the house. Not thinking I picked the place. We got there, and it occured to us that around us we have only hiking trials… and MUD… We drove there for about 30 minutes so it would be silly to just pack up and leave… Right?!

We walked for about 15 mitnutes and we got to this open space with an amazing view!

We spent there about 20 minutes and through the mud… we walked back to the truck.

On the road, driving back we saw a deer on the one side of the road. When she saw us, she jumped deeper to the woods and from a safe distance she stared at use… while snacking on the grass.

Despite the mud our trip was great, I would say! The weather was beautiful that day. The air was clear and it was great to walk around. I know that we would’ve spent more time over there but our Miss Getting Heavier was getting ants in her pants while in the babybjorn. My husband didn’t have his hiking boots ( I DID 🙂 ) , and he was getting tired of carying that extra 30 pounds on him. Anyway it was great to get out of the house and to breath in that fresh air.

It happend more than a week ago, so today having that 80 F temperature outside I am not thinking about getting outside for a hiking… The furthest I’d like to go is to the swimming pool and back 🙂

Have a great day, everybody!

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7 responses to “Recollections of hiking in the mud”

  1. Love the second picture down best! I could get lost in it!


  2. Jennifer Burden Avatar
    Jennifer Burden

    I love these pictures. The one that is all greenery and says this below it: “We spent there about 20 minutes and through the mud… we walked back to the truck.” I like that picture. It almost looks like a painting!

    Jen 🙂


  3. These are beautiful – I love the second shot.


  4. I totally need those get out of the house times, too! So refreshing for the soul.


  5. very beautiful captures!

    via Simple moments bigger pictures
    Light Trigger: our entry


  6. I just love your photos!


  7. Gorgeous photos making me miss the mountains! Mud or no. 🙂 Glad you were able to go out and enjoy.


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