Rose Garden in Black and White, Pinkish, and Sepia :)

Visiting Guadalupe River Park and placed there Rose Garden. I took those about a week ago, but I didn’t have much time to process them…, and actually I didn’t have any idea how to process them. Finally yesterday I came up with one – to make them all in black&white or in sepia. It’s a kind of weird idea, because the garden explodes with colors right now, and those pictures are soo colorful and vibrant! Still, I wanted to make them black&white 🙂 Little bit different from everybody’s expectations about Rose Garden.

So there we go:

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12 thoughts on “Rose Garden in Black and White, Pinkish, and Sepia :)

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  1. The pictures look lovely, though I still would’ve preferred some colour in them 😛 Some of them look like they’d make beautiful textured backgrounds. Great stuff!


  2. Matko boska, ale pienkne wiglondajom! They look like photos my family used to have from Poland that we had to leave in Poland and my family there is holding for us. It made me miss Poland today deeply. Your photos are gorgeous, as usual!




  3. Hey from SITS! I’m doing a blog post based on the body image article I wrote for SITS…I thought your comment was so inspiring, would you mind if I quoted you?


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