Texture Twisted Tuesday

So, it’s 3:00 pm and I feel like I’m gonna have one more cup of coffee. It’s not that I need it. I want it! 🙂 Usually one coffee per day is enough. Every morning. Hot and dark. After that it’s just green tea with grapefruit juice or fresh squeezed lemon juice +honey!  Today is a good day. I got up before my husband, did some YOGA! Yeay! And I feel like I deserve that second cup 🙂

Ok, done with those ramblings and back to photos.

The doves photo I’m using today it’s an old one (i used it before) but couldn’t find any better for the Victor Hugo’s quote I wanted to use for today’s Kim Klassen Texture Tuesday (the word edition).

I talked about my patio doves mainly in those two posts. In one of them is the original photo without the texture and text:

Doves, more doves, one baby and a dog

Getting ready to say “goodbye” to the patio doves!

My first Texture Twist:

and the second one:

16 responses to “Texture Twisted Tuesday”

  1. What a lovely quote! It suited the photo nicely, especially with that sunburst. 🙂


    1. oh… how I adore Victore Hugo! have a great book with his poems with so many favorite quotes in it, but it’s in Polish… and I’m not very comfortable to interpret his writings… too old… too sofisticated, to complicated for me… I mean – to translate 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comment! ściskam !


  2. These are both absolutely exquisite! So glad you are joining us on Tuesdays for Around the World Tuesday. How sweet of you. I did an interview with Kim last week. Isn’t she amazing? WOW!


    1. She is amazing! I love her every single texture, and she is such an inspiration!!!


  3. oh fun! I’m pretty new to textures, you’ve got some lovely applications…. and I love saying this to another KK fan!!


  4. I love the contrast in the second one!


  5. Beautiful! What a gorgeous image for that great quote! Love your finished pieces!


  6. Beautiful images, and I love, love, love Victor Hugo! Great choice for the quote. Oh, and you deserve credit for waking up early for yoga. It’s a goal I have yet to accomplish.


  7. These both look really lovely.


  8. I love both the pictures, they’re beautiful! I also never thought of trying green tea with grapefruit juice. That sounds interesting and I think I will try it sometime. 🙂


    1. it’s the best tea on Earth 🙂 Seriously!


  9. Beautiful! I love those words and they go perfectly with the first shot!


  10. Beautiful texture and words 🙂


  11. the second one is so beautiful

    via Texture Tuesdays/Touch up Tuesday

    Light Trigger


  12. I really like this – especially photo number two! 🙂


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