Busy as a bee chasing ducks

Discovering new places is always fun. It’s even more fun when funny things happen while you’re there 🙂 This time we visited Guadalupe River Park. While walking around I stopped at the river to take some pictures of the ducks and gees and one cute doggy chasing them while my family was resting in the shade.

He sure did have fun in there!

While that doggy kept chasing those gees and ducks, I was chasing a bee! Kinda busy one 🙂

After I was done with that bee, or rather after she was done with me… I got so excited about the grass… Look at it. How could you not be! It’s so awesome! It looked like Ocean of Grass. I couldn’t get over it! 🙂

Our next stopp was at Heritage Rose Garden… pictures to come… later!

have a great Friday.


12 responses to “Busy as a bee chasing ducks”

  1. Hi! I am your newest follower from the Bee Friendly Blog Hop! I would love to have you follow back!
    Camille @


  2. By the way, your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! You are incredibly talented!


  3. Beautiful shots – I especially love the grassy knoll. It kinda looks like it’s glowing.


  4. Wow! That was one large bee! Looks like everyone had a great time!


  5. ostranderblog Avatar

    I love the dog bounding in the water, how HAPPY! That grass is crazy too! It does look very ocean-like


  6. Those are beautiful photos! I love them! The ducks are so cute. Thanks for linking up!


  7. The ducks/geese don’t seem to be too worried about the dog. They let him get awfully close! LOL

    Stopping by from TMP blog hop!


  8. I love that grass shot…it does look like an ocean of grass!


  9. Lovely photo’s …:))) Officially following you – I found you per twisted fate photography and love your blog here :)) I have a foto challenge going on now for “HANDS” if you’d like to join in.. Please stop by sometime.. TY :))


  10. Around here, we call those purple flowers (that the bee landed on) “butterfly flowers”. I know that’s not the real name for them, but that’s what they look like…kind of. 🙂

    Fun shots. Looks like the best kind of way to spend an afternoon.

    Thanks for linking up to PSF and GMYBS!


  11. I always love your photos 🙂

    What a beautiful family.

    I love bees. They are so perfect. Gorgeous shot of her.

    The grass is like the grass here. I’ll take a picture of some fields like that here on the prairie for you to see. It is gorgeous and just makes you want to lie on it (with a blanket and some Off! to keep away ticks).

    Big hugs i na razie!


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