Beautiful irises and their funny names

As I promised in yesterday’s post today will be all about irises and their names. Funny names.

IRIS from Greek means “rainbow“. Iris was a messenger-goddess who rode rainbows between heaven and earth to deliver messages from Olympus 🙂 Interesting.


As I said yesterday, I’m not a big fan of those flowers. Maybe because they bloom only once a year and for not very long, but visiting Nola’s Iris Garden I found for myslef one veriety that I fell in love with:

Some of them if you know what they mean could be used as a letter/message to somebody. Like those three belowe.

It’s actually a pretty neat idea, I think!

Some of the sound like a movie or a song title 🙂

That would be it for today. Tomorrow more of the Nola’s Iris Garden, a few horses and a cow 🙂


12 responses to “Beautiful irises and their funny names”

  1. SUCH pretty photos!! Love the processing – really nice tones.


  2. These are so pretty. I just got my irises to bloom for the first time this year. I was so excited!


  3. Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to meet you. Your Iris photos are gorgeous!


  4. Beautiful flowers – love your processing. I might actually dive into some old shots and reprocess now.


  5. Beautiful! That first photo looks like they are growing like wildflowers. Coincidentally I have a post for tomorrow on irises where I explain why so many people think they change color over the years.

    Happy WW!


    1. sounds interesting. I’m gonna read your post tomorrow, then! 🙂


  6. beautiful pictures. i never get tired of photographing flowers, never!


  7. How pretty! I like irises but I love all bulb flowers. I do have to agree, however, they bloom for far too short a time and only once a year 😦 The names are cute.


  8. so many beautiful flowers and I love the names


  9. These are beautiful… and I love their fancy names!

    Thank you for linking up with Communal Global! =)


  10. wow – I’ve never seen soo many irises in one spot!! beautiful shots!


  11. […] For me that place is magical. I wrote about it last year when we visited it for the first time. […]


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