Today’s men’s “To do list” :)

I’ve studied this list… And there isn’t a think I haven’t thought about. Oh.. maybe the “cat videos“, and “bike to work” since I do not work, and do not have or even like cats (I mean I do not hate them if they’re around, but I wouldn’t get any on my own).

Be awesome in Ping Pong is not on my list of priorities since I am good at it anyway. In high school instead of having normal gym class our teacher would give us a ping pong table and paddles and we played – FOR 4 years!!!

SPEAK LOUDER!!! O Yeah… that’s exactly what my husband thinks when I talk!!! And I think: listen more carefully!!!

I’ve started recipe journal, but… oh well like with all my journals… ended up somewhere on the book shelf among unread books.I do not waste paper with all my paper bowls projects going on in here…

I do not stress smoke neither I stress run … I should start doing something, I guess. Better running than smoking, I guess.

Less texting. You can’t beat me at that. I do not have a cell phone 🙂

Buying less. You can’t do less that I. Believe me.

What’s a TED TALK?!

KNITE A HAT?! Hm… Have a friend for that.

Prepare for Zombies… I have a friend who’s already done that…

3 responses to “Today’s men’s “To do list” :)”

  1. Wow, how did you do this? It’s really, really fun!


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