First communion…

A week ago I had chance to attend to First Communion at the Polish Church in San Jose.

Only two girls had their first communion that day. One was my friend’s daughter. Isn’t that pretty cool to have your first communion in such a small group?! I remember mine. It was like 60 kids!

Those are the few pictures I had taken at the house before we went to the church. Btw, did you know that I LOVE reflections 😉

At the reception 🙂 We all had great time. Kids were everywhere, and they just loved posing for me.


This is the last picture I’ve taken before she asked me: Are we really done now? Too funny. When I said YES. She jumped from that seat and run out with a huge smile to play with other kids.

More shots from that day here.

Anyway, it was all great experience which reminded me how much I like to work with kids! 🙂

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  1. Oh- those completely mesmerized me! SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even express how beautiful those are. I remember my first communion- it was nothing like that- massive group of probably 100 or more kids. They hired a professional photographer because we had a group shot that turned out to be like poster size.

    What a lovely day she had & I really love that you shared it with me. Thank You!


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