Happy Mother’s Day and btw, don’t forget to feed your baby…

I think I have more luck than most of you mommies. I get the chace to celebrate Mothers Day twice a year 🙂 In Poland moms have they holiday and off of any chores around the house including cooking, changing diapers, feeding baby, loading, starting, and unloading the dishwasher on May 26th. Oh and I would have forgotten: they are allowed to spent all day in bed with a good book, and fathers bring them cup of fresh brewed coffee or  a tea if needed…, and cut in a half yummy sandwich… Oh… and they can sleep till they actually feel like they want to wake up and get up!!!

I wonder how it works in US.

Last year we were too exhausted to even notice that there is something called Mother’s Day. Few days before our daughter was born, and we moved to a new city… Oh yes, I remember it; we were exhausted!

Oh well. How every it goes it will be great. In-laws just left. Nobody got injured even a bit…P


… I wish I could finally go to bed instead of writing those ramblings… (too much coffee, but on the other hand is there something like “too much coffee“??)

So I think I’ll do that right now.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother-to-be, mother-to-wish-to-be, mother-who-wish-she-has-eaten-her-kids-right-after-they-were-born-right-now-they-are-too-big-and-they-run-too-fast, to all grandmothers, and grand grandmothers…

I mean, Happy Day to all of you Mothers!!!

Our daughter loves to do that but any of those two reasons don’t match to her. Hmm….

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9 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day and btw, don’t forget to feed your baby…”

  1. Yeah… Wish my husband go that memo. Not going there.

    I hope yours is wonderful and filled with love. Your darling is growing up so fast it’s insane and she is just beautiful!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Hugs i na razie…


  2. Cudowna córeczka!


  3. The sepia where she’s crawling off the picture is superb! I hope this Mom’s Day was a better one for you (and that the latter one is restful).


  4. Oh, that last walking away shot is a little slice of happy.

    Happy Mother’s Day (until your next one) to you!!


  5. If for that reason alone, I want to move to Poland!


  6. Isn’t she cute! I love that second one.


  7. I LOVE your first shot and the cute little phrase you’ve got with it. PERFECT!

    Thanks for joining in on our challenge.


  8. Gorgeous shots, I love the first shot too. Thanks for joining in our challenge at 2daughters 1mother 3cameras.

    Have a great week.



  9. Great shots!! what a beautiful face 🙂

    Have a great week.


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