“Sto lat” my darlin

YES! Something about a year ago she came along, and she changed our lives. So to celebrate her, not the 3 day labour, and the pain, and the tears and anger :-/ (o yeah it was THAT BAD), we had a small b-day party.

We bought for our birthday girl a b-day hat. Too big, btw. It wasn’t that what had occured to be the biggest problem. She simply was scared of it, and she didn’t want to wear it. I’d spent about an hour playing with her around the hat so she would let us to take some pictures of her wearing that darn hat.

Finally she let me put in on her for a few second, after that she didn’t want to be anywhere near it for a while, and after that she let me put it on her again..

I tried to be creative. I mean creative in her level because there is not a big philosophy in bribing our daughter with food (espacially with puffs), and as my husband says: you always have to be a little bit smarter than the tool you working with. 😉

She let me put the hat on her for few more times and …

… we were ready for the real fun mom and dad were waiting the entire day for:


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12 responses to ““Sto lat” my darlin”

  1. Really adorable shots!


  2. Sto lat, sto lat, nich zyje, zyje nam ! Sliczna dziewczynka i zdjecia piekne !


  3. Happy Birthday Ewelina. Beautiful photos,Ewa…
    They sure grow up fast.


  4. So cute! She does not look impressed by the hat, but she sure looks excited about the cake! Thanks for joining us for Feed Me Friday! Not sure where I follow, but I am subscribing. Hope you can make it again next week. Oh So Savvy Mom


  5. Oh my gosh! She is so adorable! And you have some mad photography skilz!! Great shots!!


  6. Awwwwwww!

    Ale slotka! I think I say that a lot on your blog, btw, but I mean it. She is too cute. I love the story about the hat, I have to wonder if she thought it would eat her brain or something lol But then, in CA I bet she rarely has to wear a hat. 🙂

    I think my fave photo is on her smiling so proudly at table height by her cake. She looks like “Yeah, cake. Because I’m 1. Because I’m …. AWESOME!” lol

    Sorry I hadn’t had time to come over and see this until later. It’s been very busy for me lately (arrgh).

    But I have to sing to her:

    Sto lat!
    Sto lat!
    Niech zyje zyje nam.
    Sto lat!
    Sto lat!
    Niech zyje zyje nam.
    Jeszcze raz jeszcze raz.
    Niech zyje zyje nam!
    Niech zyje nam!

    Bravo! Hurray and cheers all the way from outside Chicago!!


    1. dziękujemy za piosenkę 🙂
      and yes, she was sooo proud 🙂 and happy about that cake 🙂


  7. […] trying to convince our daughter that that big hat won’t hurt her. You can read more about it here. 1 Year […]


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