Chasing geese

First of all…
Today’s post is sponsored by the word “chasing”.

as well as by “chaising”, “cheasing”, “chaesing”. Those are the words I had used trying to figure out how to spell that darn word.

At the end I simply asked my husband.

Second of all
My computer is dead. I’m using my husband’s laptop.
It doesn’t have GIMP, and it does not have any of my previous photos that I downloaded to my computer before it died 😦


it has PhotoScape – very friendly software with great editing options.

In addition I don’t want to make this computer even slower so I’m really careful about putting new pictures here, at the same time I don’t want to stop blogging. Once again: grrr…

Anyway I know I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, oh well. Life! You know!

Those pictures are from Vasona Lake County Park when we went after I didn’t go to meet my friend (WAITING FOR US IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE EXPOSE TO WIND AND COLD). I mean I was planning. really. just my calendar said the meeting is at 6pm when it actually was 5pm. I had my shoes on, we were packed and ready to go when she called asking why we are not there. Oh well. Life. You know! 🙂

Live and Love...Out Loud and then, she {snapped}

and so you know… if you let you baby to chase (chease, chaise) geese be prepare for dirty feet that stink like poop. or (and I just came to that conclusion) it’s time to get my baby shoes!!!

5 responses to “Chasing geese”

  1. I actually really like the processing – very vintage.


  2. LIGHT! That really stands out to me in all your pics. Very nice!


  3. Sooo cute. Loving the sunbursts & sideways angles. Her leg up in that picture is precious.

    I think the word Chase is spelled wrong as well. Or else Americans have to be mispronouncing it. But, I’m shocked myself, I pronounce it “Chaiese” lol

    Why don’t you get a zipdrive for like $10-20 for the pictures? I keep my pics on it so that even if the computer crashes, I still have them. Or if I want to print them from somewhere else, or whatever.


    1. Yeah, I know I got to do something about those pictures. Luckily my comp is fine, it was just my power cord – we had to buy new one.
      So… how do you pronounce that word?!


      1. lol Chase is pronounced with the A part like in the name Amy. I think Chase for you will be like knife for me. I remember being very angry and frustrated with that word and in my mind fully raging against the English language because that word summed it up for me. “No rules” lol


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