A new car seat and Scavenger Hung Sunday

First thing is that out Little One is not That Little Anymore. Her old car seat is too small, so we went to Babies R Us yesterday. We’d spent there about 2 hours looking at different toys and trying them out. She is too old for this one, but looked cute though.

I think she likes it πŸ™‚

And the rest of my pictures are for Scavenger Hung Sunday

1. Reflections (wasn’t sure which one is better, I like them both)

2. Guess what this is (it’s an old photo, but didn’t have anything new in hand what would match this item)

3. What’s inside

4. Play time

5. Lawn & Garden

Sunday Snapshot

10 thoughts on “A new car seat and Scavenger Hung Sunday

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  1. Awww, so cute! Sorry had not had time lately to stop by, hubby has been home and he is always wanting something. Argggh! lol

    She’s getting so big! That’s a cute seat, it’s a convertible? Very nice. Make sure to go online to manufacturer with model number to make sure no recalls on it. Soooo many carseats are sold with recalls here, it’s absolutely ridiculous! Seriously, I own 6 carseats, not counting the infant car seats we had, and every.single.one was sold with a recall. Not to scare you, just inform.

    I think I like the second reflection better, the color flows nice to me.

    She’s so cute digging in the potato bin πŸ™‚ We do that too. Potatoes are so fun.

    I love her laugh on the playtime pic!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter! How is your Smigus Dyngus? I am not telling my husband about it, last thing I need from him right now, lol. It’s too cold here for that!

    Big hugs i Na razie!


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