iPhoneography and a few more things

My latest discovery.

Pho.to Lab – works great with smartphone, too. My husband has a Droid but I’m sure this app is available for different smartphones, as well.

I use it when I’m bored and when I’m not allowed to sit in front of my computer anymore. My husband makes fun of me that when he finally makes me stop playing with my pictures on the computer the next minute he catches me playing with photos on his phone.

Linkin up with Courtney. It’s been a while when I link up with her for the last time.

6 responses to “iPhoneography and a few more things”

  1. Cool…what fun!



  2. fun! i love the third one 🙂


  3. Ha- I get the same grief from my hubs- they hate fighting the technology for our attention.


  4. Fun shots! Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!


  5. […] iPhoneography (momphotographer.wordpress.com) […]


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