San Francisco trip – story continues

Zen and Art of the motorcycle trip to San Francisco story continues here.

I was just thinking how funny that is (I bet a few moms do the same when they have night/day out) that as soon as I realized I left my daughter with somebody else I started thinking about her. Riding on the back seat of the motorcycle is the kind of activity that forces you to think. There is just you, and the wind, and the noise of the highway. It’s more like a meditation. You sit there and think or stay blank. Your choice.

So after about 15 minutes of riding I caught myself thinking about my daughter and my friend. It was all about pooping, diapers changing, feeding, etc. I caught myself hoping my daughter wouldn’t poop while we are gone. I thought about how unpleasant that would be for my friend, and how bad I would feel for her. Silly, I know, but I couldn’t help myslef. I thought: o men, if her dad after a year of practising still needs help, how hard it would be for somebody who has never changed a diaper. 

Poopy one is twice harder to change that the “regular” one. Everybody knows that.

Then I thought about feeding, and the nap time. I wasn’t worrying about the feeding part. Our daughter is a great eater. She doesn’t mind the nap time either, but right now she is the transition between two and one nap during the day. So, I already felt bad, that when my friend came at 11am our daughter wasn’t sleeping and it didn’t look like she is near to a nap time, either.

A few times I tried to think about something else. It didn’t work. As soon as we stopped I called my friend just to hear that everything is ok, and our daughter “is like a doll” – what my husband commented: “if she only could feed herslef and change her diapers she would’ve been a perfect kid”. [sigh]

So after that call my thoughts focused on the pain in my butt, and the freezing weather. The painful thoughts continued through the entire way back home 😉

And as I promised in my last post – more pictures from that trip.

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More pictures to come. Don’t have much time to go through all of them because of Battlestar Galactica. Fiftysomething episode. Starbuck is dead, or they want us to think that. We’ll see in a few hours. First I’ve got to move me butt and start cooking dinner.

Hugs from my corner.

6 responses to “San Francisco trip – story continues”

  1. 🙂 Nice to read about your trip and what you were thinking about. Have been a bit out of sorts and not keeping up So happy to see your beautiful photos again.


    1. lol… Arline, that’s only tiny part of what I think about lately… and trust me… the poopy diapers part is the very pleasant one. Happy to have you back on wordpress. Hugs,


  2. Pretty town and I love those pjs!


  3. I just love the treatment on your photos. I’m enjoying hearing about your trip!


  4. Awesome pictures! I love the last one 🙂


  5. great pictures! I just love San Francisco!


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