Wordish Tuesday :O Wednesday

This post has changes since it was published for the first time. The first title was Wordless Wednesday even though it was still Tuesday. Than I saw that it’s actually not so Wordless but not much Wordish either.

Just confused these days more that usuall :-/


Our daughter eats more and more “normal” food lately. Can you belive that she eats more than I do?!

We went to IHop, and she ate half of my plate. She didn’t look full though… I know if I had more to give to her she would have  vacuumed it all.


and two of my latest textures twists:


baby falling down (click on the picture)

and then, she {snapped}Wordish Wednesday



and Linking up with Crissy for Wordless Wednesday, though mine is not so Wordless.

7 responses to “Wordish Tuesday :O Wednesday”

  1. I think she’s eating my FAVORITE IHop dish – – – a crepe with chicken, cheese, and spinach in it.

    Only I get mine loaded down with hollandaise sauce too.


    1. Chicken Florentine Crepes – YUMM!!!


  2. What a beautiful child. Love the pictures.

    And the flower?


  3. I love the messing eating one!


  4. Capture every moment you can.. what a sweetie.


  5. oh dang, now I’m hungry! and I eat WAY more than my little guy. Unless we’re talking goldfish crackers, he can eat his own weight in those. : )


  6. Your daughter is delightful. I wish I could get my 2 year old to eat with such enthusiasm.


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