After the dinner bath is required!

Tha last time we talked my dear friend Joanna mentioned that her friend’s twins will kick her butt sometime in the future for some of the pictures she’s taken of them.

Pictures like:

this one


that one


one more

… and you think what will my daughter do to me for that (especially for pictures like the first one!!!):

Checking if there is any more left in the pocket!

Eat more or not to eat, that is the question! Hmmm.

I think she does that in purpose because she LOVES baths… but… she hates showers and water on her head. She screams bloody hell when I try to wash her hair or face! Besides that she could sit in the bath tube all day long!

Sometimes I get so frustrated while bathing her, but after being such a cranky and screaming baby she calms down very quickly and gives me that big smile after which I feel bad that I got angry at her. How could I?!

Hopefully she will be laughing at all those silly pictures and not getting angry or ashamed πŸ˜‰


13 responses to “After the dinner bath is required!”

  1. This whole set is great – I laughed the whole time!


  2. Oh, she is so precious! I think my favorite is the very first one, that expression is priceless…
    Mine are the same. Yes, even the 5 year old hates her face washed and water on her head. If she is in the shower, she does not mind now or getting her hair wet. IF she is the one getting her hair wet. But she hates shampoo. Which is too bad because Mama is still going to make her keep her hair and face clean (how dare I! lol).
    The baby also hates her face washed and hair wet. Unless it suits her and then only if you wash her face with your hand so that she can lick your hand and then laugh at you for your efforts.
    They are too cute!


  3. thanks for linking up! gorgeous photos. xoxo.


  4. Those are fantastic… her eyes and smile are too cute!


  5. Those are too funny!


  6. Oh my. Bathtime for sure. lol. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I was never really a fan of messy baby pics til I had my son, lol. Now they crack me up, and these are great!


  8. bahahaha!! love messy faces!!


  9. Visiting from Natural Parents Network and Momma Jorje!

    Beautiful shots! Does she happen to breastfeed still? I used to nurse my older daughter while I washed her hair. I’d wash half of her, then switch breasts and wash the other half. She hated water on her head, too.


  10. Love the expressions, how cute is she! Great pics πŸ™‚


  11. Thanks for coming by my blog. If you’re interested in another shower time suggestion, my LO got to where she didn’t like water over her face either. I shower with her and it seems if I let the shower go over my face first and then be silly, she thinks it is fun. Otherwise, I sometimes hold her close in front of me and press my lips to her forehead as I lean her into the shower water. It gives me a little extra control and she (I think) feels extra close and safe.

    I hope bath time gets easier for you soon. That sure is one cute dirty face, though! πŸ™‚


  12. Ok, I just saw this & had to share it with you:

    Ha ha! Maybe that would cut down on the need for hair washing after dinner, though it won’t do anything about the need to wash her face! πŸ™‚


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