Scavenger Hunt Sunday and more doves

My today’s Scavenger Hunt started very early. Sometime around 7am.

My husband was asleep (I wish I was too), and I didn’t want to disturb him walking around and taking pictures. It was too dark in there to take any good picture anyway! So this is how our bedroom looks from the outside 😉

1. Bedroom

2. High Key (our clay pots which we bought from estate sale two days ago)

3. Something Tiny (a little bee on my coffee cup)

4. Off in the distance


… and as I promised:

more doves…

everyday something new

yesterday I was able to take a few shots withouth the parent sitting on them 🙂

aren’t they cute!?!

For the last few days those birds have been my best entertainment. I peek through the window checking on them, watching them, trying to catch a simple moment of something that they do, something new. It’s so amazing!

Lately they became more curious and not so scared anymore. While the parents are gone those two cuties still trying to be invisible and silent, but they stick they heads out from that pot more often.

ah… and me and my falling apart wall art. I’ll take care of it after the doves are gone.






Have a great Sunday, everybody!!!

18 responses to “Scavenger Hunt Sunday and more doves”

  1. These are wonderful – I love your high key and off in the distance shots – the repetition there is beautiful.


  2. The doves…oh my! What a joy to have so close.


  3. I love all your shots.. the baby doves are so awesome! Very spring! All I want is to find a nest of little baby birds to take pictures of..just beautiful!:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


    1. thank you!
      it was such a great surprise when we found out about the doves building the nest in there! so awesome to have it so close 🙂


  4. Great shots, I love those little birds and your something tiny captures.


  5. Awwww, soon they will be gone and your wall can be fixed. 🙂 They are so fun to watch. We have to be careful of Gaby (our cat), getting any little ones around here.


    1. I’m not trying to rush them out of here… No No No… but… just saying that I don’t want to disturb them, or make the parents to abandon them.
      It’s funny that you mentioned Gaby, because my daughter nickname is Gaby! lol


  6. Oh my goodness those tiny doves are just beautiful! What a special capture. I loved your High Key, just so well done!


  7. Those baby doves are so cute!

    I love your high key. 🙂


  8. I wanted to stop by and say thank you SO much for your lovely comments on my blog. It is so nice to meet you! Your photography is absolutely gorgeous!! I really love looking at all your pictures (especially the food ones…LOL). And your daughter is beautiful!!


  9. Photos are beautiful… those little doves are so cute…. how neat they are so close and you can watch them grow.


  10. Oh myy, those birds are so sweet!! Love all your shots-very unique take on all the themes. I like your off in the distance shot especially. You’ve got a unique eye…enjoyed the post!


  11. Hello
    Thanks for stopping by…Love you off in the distance. Very creative. Those birds are too cute.
    Have a good one!!!


  12. Great shots this week. Love your high key and of course the dove babies


  13. Nice job this week.. The doves are amazingly cute!


  14. Nice job this week. The doves are amazingly cute!


  15. i love those little birds!


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