Doves, more doves, one baby and a dog

… and as I said two days ago I think our little doves won’t hatch because they are dead…

… today I saw this:

And this is how the mom/dad (can’t say the difference) looks like everytime she/he notices my presence behind the door. I try to be as quiet as I could but she/he knows I’m there just as I move a little. Everytime I move the parent showels the babies uderneath her/him.

And I can’t forget about my two little helpers. Always following me, carying bags, sticks, banging on the window, grabbing my chair that I’m standing on as when I need the quietness and stillness the most.

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12 thoughts on “Doves, more doves, one baby and a dog

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  1. Patio Doves…sounds like a new breed or something (if it really IS, that just goes to show you how little I know about birds). LOVE those last two shots. So cute!!


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