Dancing Baby and unknown bird…

Maybe I’ll start talking about my day in some order… Dancing baby was the last, and the unknown bird sometimes between.

Firs was my coffee and a muffin.

After that a huge headache came along. I’ve been trying to get rid of it, but it seems to be undefeateble! Seriously. Anyway lying with a wet cold cloth on my head I saw my husband waving at me and pointing at something outside our apartment… First I couldn’t see a thing! He was pointing, and pointing, and pointing… and darn… I didn’t see it! Maybe because my head was hurting so bad or maybe because it was hiding in plain sight… I don’t know. The only thing I was sure about was that VERY weird bird I was looking at. He was sitting on the fence but when I opend the front door he flew further away and sit on the roof. He wasn’t there for a long time. 2 minutes maybe, that’s it!

After that bird flew away I went to check on our kind of “domestic” birds. They still sit on eggs! It’s been a long time. I think those eggs are dead… I mean, I don’t want them to be dead I just think it can’t be taking them so long to hatch eggs. Right!?

My husband read that it takes up to 14 days for doves to hatch eggs. Our doves have been sitting here more than 2 weeks.

It had rained cats and dogs for the last week so I think those eggs got too wet and too cold… I’m just guessing. I don’t know anything about doves or any birds hatching eggs. I just wish something would finally happen. I haven’t been on the patio since they “moved in”. I’m getting crazy watching how every day there is more leafs and dirt and everything else out there, and I can’t CLEAN it!!!  (we don’t want to scare them, so we REALLY limited our patio activities). It was fun at the beginning but right now I’m getting impatient. Grrr….

But… look… how cute they look! 🙂

After that I unpacked a package from Poland. My mom sent me Polish kid’s books.

There is Brzechwa, and Tuwim, and Fredro… OMG! Those are the babies poems and rhymes I grew up with 🙂

Yeay for my mom!!!

For a really long time I’d been trying to videotape my daughter dancing, but everytime I would pointed my camera at her she stoped.Finally today, she wasn’t looking at me! OMG ! So funny!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Isn’t she Sweet!?!?!?!

and then, she {snapped}

4 responses to “Dancing Baby and unknown bird…”

  1. That dancing baby was very cute!


  2. Your muffins look delicious! And the bird — how cool to see that??


  3. I hope your head feels better and that you have baby doves soon. =) Your daughter is precious!


  4. That is a big day with all kinds of activities! Hope your head is feeling better!


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