Scavenger Hunt

Today’s post is very not so creative… Whatever that means. Don’t feel like taking pictures or playing with them lately. Wanted to do this post because Chair is my item Ashely was kind to use for this challenge.

So, it wouldn’t be very nice to not to take part of it today.

I took all of those pictures with a smartphone. I was too lazy to take my Nikon out and use it…

I even barely edited them. Just a little, and not all of them.

1. Camera Phone

2. Camera

(a little explanation?! ok, so most of the time I feel like my eyes are the camera that constantly is taking pictures. whatever I look at it’s a subject to photograph; to capture. And I really don’t need a lot, just give me SOMETHING, aything that is able to take pictures – simple as that). I know I know, I streched this a little…, but I didn’t want to skip this, and I actually didn’t have any other idea for it.

3. Shoes

4. Chair

5. Imperfection (read mess)

15 responses to “Scavenger Hunt”

  1. I liked them all. Wish my phone took such nice pics. Wish my kids stood still LONG enough to take nice pics! lol Na razie…


  2. These are great – I especially love your first two shots.


  3. Camera phone and chair made me smile 🙂

    I love how you edit your photos.


  4. The chair is adorable! It really came out great with the editing.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog – it always means so much to me to get some comment lovin’


  5. Love your photos, they all came out so well!


  6. I love your camera phone shot – they make such great toddler toys, right?


    1. lol… my husband doesn’t think so… they’re his phones she’s playing with all the time since I do not have any 😉


  7. Very cool processing 😀


  8. These all made me super smile! I especially love camera phone and camera 🙂


  9. You did an awesome job!! Love how creative you were with just your camera phone! Happy week ahead 🙂


  10. I love your Imperfection shot. 🙂 I guess if that is your idea of Imperfection, then I might be the most imperfect person in the workd! =)


  11. Great job this week- I love your creativity


  12. Great shots, especially with a camera phone! Good job!


  13. IMPERFECTION made me smile… hey, I have that at my house!


  14. These are great! You did a beautiful job.

    I’m hosting a new linkie over at my blog called Fabulous Friday. I’d love it if you could participate! The link is:



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