Fix-It Friday

So, I was about to go and make myself some lunch but I saw this challenge @ I Heart Faces.

They posted a picture of that little beautiful girl (I bet she would have killed me if she knew I called her “little”).

Anyway they posted this picture:

and readers have to edit it. So I made myself a green tea with a grapefruit juice and while enjoying it I created this:

My idea was to make that picture to look something more like Alice from Wonderland…

I added two layers:






After that I flettened the image and used LOMO(vintage) script (action). For Photoshop users… I use GIMP to edit my photos. Some names are different but the effects are the same as some of the photoshop’s actions you can buy or download for free. In GIMP they’re called scripts.

Anyway, to finish the picture I used Dodge/Burn Tool on the area around the girl… and… that’s it!

For more interesting edits go here.

Have a great Friday. It’s raining cats and dogs in here… Grrr…

5 responses to “Fix-It Friday”

  1. I love what you did with the picture! I can totally see the Alice in Wonderland affect you were going for! And she is little. A little cutie!


  2. Like, like, like it!
    Great job!


  3. I can see the Alice in Wonderland look for sure, it looks like a drawing. Beautiful!


  4. […] Fix-It Friday ( […]


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