Bath time

Ok, Ok, Ok… I know I shouldn’t be HOLDING MY CAMERA in tha bath tube, together with a splashing evrywhere baby! But I was, and it turned out that only my strap got a little wet… The camera made it safe and sound through the “in the bathtube” session :-), and I ended up with some good shots!

And maybe this pictures don’t look very peaceful… but yes… bathtube is the most peaceful place for me. A few candles, bubble bath, closed door, silence! My favorite little person, and my favorite place… Linking up with paper mama.

The Paper Mama

7 responses to “Bath time”

  1. Very sweet, love your Texture Twist!!


  2. Cute little swimmer:)


  3. LOVE, LOVE the one of her with her face in the water!


  4. I just saw this one… AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


  5. I love these! The textures make them super cool and she adorable!


  6. SO SO cute!!!!!!!!


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