Ten on Ten(th)

Here they are: 10 pictures from my single day (yesterday).

ten on ten button

As every morning… Bottle time for Miss Ladybug Eater (yep, she ate a ladybug!!!!), and coffee time for mommy.

PLAY time for BUGSEATER!!!

PLAY time for mommy!

It used to be a nice plant inside that pot, but since a few days ago the dove’s decided to hatch eggs in there… Yep, it’s on our patio!

Time to connect with Poland (once for a while). My mom and me on skype.

PLAY time… or if you’d like LAUNDRY time…

PLAY time again… or if you prefere… BOTHERING poor doggy time!


… and FINALLY… I had a breakfast-luch-dinner time… at 5pm 🙂

(with this one I had to link up with Living with the Lowrys blog and it’s

because I just love love love fresh baked bread with jam on top… this time with little bit (or maybe more than a little bit) of a cream cheese. YUUUUMMMM!!!!)


On the way to “Moms NIGHT OUT” (taking pictures while driving… my new hobby!!!)

at the BARNES & Noble time

12 responses to “Ten on Ten(th)”

  1. Love it! My baby came running over waving at the pics of your little one and waving, yelling “Hi!” and babbling “Little girl” over and over. So cute!

    I wish my family had time for Skype but they all work crazy! Oh well, pozdruw twoja mama od nas na internecje lol.

    I love love love fresh bread with jam as well…

    Na Razie!


    1. that’s great that she knew that my daughter actually is a girl… most of the people when they see her think she is a boy 😉
      Soooo many times I hear: “What’s HIS name?”, “HE is so cute”, “such a cute boy”, or “hello buddy!”…
      Speaking about skype… my mom and dad don’t work anymore. they retired. they’ve got plenty of time to talk. we usully talk once a week. they always go to my blog, and I show them all those pictures, and talk about what I’m writing about (they don’t speak English). it works great that way.
      btw, my bread is almost gone. I ate it all!!! YUMMM!!! 🙂
      Ściskam! i pozdrawiam całą rodzinkę!


      1. Oh that’s so neat that they go online & see your blog. Thank god that it isn’t like the ’80’s when I came over and my parents had to either pay over $100 for 1/2 hour telephone conversation with Poland or use the mail which took a month for a letter to arrive, in order to talk to their parents. I couldn’t imagine how hard that would be. I just know how hard with grandparents that is.
        Nope, my little one knew it was a girl for sure! I didn’t know she knew those words, actually, since she doesn’t chatter all day like my older did at this age. It was clear as day, so to speak “li guwa” (translate American toddler, “Little Girl”), lol.
        Yumm, bread. 🙂
        Pozdrawiam was,tez! i na razie… 🙂


        1. My parents are not very tech… they don’t have emails, or any other online accounts, just skype… and it’s because of me… thay wanted to stay in touch as often as it’s possible and as cheap as possible… skype is the best way to do that. So they’ve learned how to use it… and they really like it. they’ve found on skype many family members that they hadn’t spoken to for soooo many years and right now they talk with almost everybody. good for them 🙂
          Miłego weekendu życzę! 🙂


  2. You have some lovely photos and.. a lovely ladybug eater!


  3. Cool shot while driving. I get a lot of heat from the kids when I do that 🙂


  4. The last “Mommy’s Night Out” I had I did the exact same thing! I could spend hours in a book store 🙂


  5. These are all great captures…Love your grocery list! Thanks for linking up.


  6. Yum! I just love bread. Also, she is never going to live that ladybug incident down. Too cute! 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


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