I met a dog today…

Little (I mean: small), loooong, black and white, sometimes loud but most of all… veeeery cute!  I took many pictures of him, because it was hard not to.

When I saw him I just couldn’t resist. I had take my camera out and snap some pictures. He didn’t like the camera, though… but a few doggy treats did the job… as you can see 🙂

and I wasn’t sure which one to use for this post because I really like both…

Most of my pictures of him came up really dark; too dark. I had to “hire” my beloved GIMP, as always irreplaceable 😉

Linkin up with Touch Up Tuesday:

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

BEFORE the edit

Adjusted color levels and…

… and added LOMO “script” (for photshop users “action”)

And there he is.

Isn’t he cute !?!?!

But the best is yet to come!

At the end

he gave me






hugs from my corner, everybody!

11 responses to “I met a dog today…”

  1. What specific action are you using because I really do love the effect!


    1. I don’t know photoshop, but in GIMP it’s called LOMO action (I mean script)! but if you don’t have it or couldn’t find anything like that in photoshop you can do it yurself playing with the curves settings!


  2. LOVE the processing & what a cutie!!! Great shots! xo


  3. the cutest dog ever!! Plus you did a wonderful job editing the pictures too!


  4. Love those eyes! Thanks for your visit :-).


  5. Oh my word. These pictures are so beautiful. What a darling doggy. LOVE the editing!


  6. ADORABLE! I love them all!!!


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