Morning ritual and a quick self-taught lesson

Meet the early morning me and my ritual.

After the bottle is made, shaked, and shoveled to my Little Miss “I get up at 7 am!!!” mouth, it’s MY TIME for the World to start spinning… . It hasn’t been that bad lately with those early and fast coming mornings… I don’t know what had happend BUT my lovely husband has been getting up with our Little Miss before me so I can sleep longer. Isn’t that cool!?! πŸ™‚

But today’s my day to get up earlier. Why not. Once a week isn’t that a big of a deal… ;-P

And today while drinking my coffee I’ve taught myself how to make animated gif’s in GIMP


[click on the picture]

Sorry for being such a tired woman on this picture… Slept only 4 or maybe 5 hours, and very restless…

And Finally I got the chance to take some pictures for Scavenger Hunt Sunday… (btw, LOVE LOVE LOVE Ashley “Blurred” photo)

So today I was able to take the entire set for today’s challenge! Yey! Here they are:

1. SKY


Unknown Mami

3. FURRY (my furry socks)

4. LIFE (a new life actually – growing some herbs, inside toilet paper rolls)

5. BLURRED (ok, this picture was taken yesterday, but totally match here)

Ok, time to take a shower and off we go to the park πŸ™‚

Have a great Sunday everybody!

hugs from my corner!


29 thoughts on “Morning ritual and a quick self-taught lesson

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  1. Love the animated gif!!! I need to learn how to do that. I don’t have anyone waking me up at 7am, so I have no excuse not to learn something wonderful each day!

    Toilet paper rolls for seedlings?? Great idea!! I’m totally stealing it! πŸ™‚


  2. I love your .gif. I have not figured out how to do it yet, but love it on other people’s blogs. I’m visiting from simple as that.

    I host a link-up each Friday called a few of my favorite things. I’d love for you to participate next week.


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