Friday full of free time and blog hops…

… and warm warm warm teas. yeay!

Today is a very… very… lazy day… I even had the time to think and to take some pictures for all  of today’s photo challenges 🙂

So, the first one is from Live Every Moment. Today’s topic is BLUE. I almost never participate in some of the blog hops that post an additional theme every week, because it’s too much work to keep with all of it. Most of the time I don’t have the time to think about it… and then look for the right object to photograph… Today’s different. Don’t know why, actually. Using the same photo I’m linking up with:

This week topic is : “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes…Anything But A Face!”

Our daughter’s been climbing on everything lately, and falling down even more often… If she doesn’t fall she simply can’t go down on her own and she cries (ok I have to admit – she’s getting better and better at going down on her own).

Anyway, no matter what, she cries more often these days, and at the same time… she is terribly cute… and cuter… and OMG… she is so cute I can’t stand it sometimes… 😛

So… this is my lovely blue butt up 🙂


And I’m using the same photo for:

and then, she {snapped}

because this is the one I edited the most. I worked on layers… I used a GREYCstoration option on the background layer (the first one) and I overlayed the second layer (not edited) over the background. Then I used LOMO action on the second layer and at the end added some texture.

I LOVE my new actions I downloaded yesterday… Oh… and don’t forget… I work on GIMP.

The second picture is for:

hosted by Laura Blogging from Bolivia.

This one is for:

Today’s topic is SHADOWS.

and my last one is for

Hope you all had a great Friday…

Hugs from my corner.

12 responses to “Friday full of free time and blog hops…”

  1. These are all so good! I love them. But I have to say, that red cup catches my eye. Thanks so much for linking up again this weekend for iPhoneography! I appreciate it!


  2. Love the little blue clad bottom! A friend keeps promoting gimp to me– but it scares me!

    all great shots– I’m visiting from Macro Friday


  3. these are all great shots…but I do love the blue butt. : ) thanks for linking up this week!


  4. Great photos! Your blue shot is so cute.


  5. Ewa, love the pics, as usual. I have no idea what you mean with the layers, actions, etc. but I am getting more and more curious to learn (but of course, first can I cheap little $100 digital point&shoot handle it?).
    She is so adorable. I know the feeling. More and more cuter as they grow till you just feel like your heart will burst with love. And it keeps growing. Amazing. Mine is the same way. I call her a Billy goat because she climbs.every.thing. And she cries when she can’t get down either. She has slowed down with the crying as she has begun mastering moving around on her own more, which is why I personally think she cries. And although her vocabulary is on track with her age just wonderfully, my older one was using complete sentences at her age and nowhere near so frustrated, so I think her lack of ability to communicate as well frustrates her. Which makes sense. Oh, my goodness, I am rambling! Sorry! lol
    Anyway, has she started climbing onto chairs and crying because she gets stuck? lol That’s fun…
    I love the shadows photo as well. That’s really gorgeous.
    Have you thought about selling your pics online? You should seriously look into it. Mine have been rejected so far, but I only submitted a few. And I’m not that good. Such is life.
    Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing day! Hugs i Na razie!


    1. thank you for you kind words…. you made my day…
      I haven’t tried to sell my photos… but I was thinking about it… and I thought: “who would have want to buy it”, or “where I should go to sell it”… just thinks like that…

      and speaking about our daughter climbing… nop she is not climbing furniture yet… but she tries REALLY hard… 🙂 right now she loves to sit with our dog inside the crate… it’s the funniest thing ever…and when she is inside pulling Di, and trying to climb on her she looks at as like she’s being abused. That’s really funny! 🙂
      Can wait for the day she will start to talk 🙂
      Miłego weekendu życzę!!!


    2. Those two pictures where taken with my point and shot after my DSLR was stolen…


      and of course you can GIMP will do the work with your pictures… it’s a great software and free, and you can edit you photos like a professional… GIMP is compared to PhotoShop… of course it’s not that great but ALMOST… really! You should try it!



  6. Hello! The first one (the blue) is super cute but my favorite one is the shadow photo. 🙂
    Have a good one!


  7. SOOO Cute…I adore the little blue butt! Thanks for linking up.


  8. Butt up is adorable! Love that age!


  9. So sweet. Can’t wait for our little one to start wobbling around.


  10. That is so adorable. I love the idea and what you did with it!


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