The Flea Market Experience

I wasn’t able to finish this post yesterday because my Internet sucked. Still does. So, I’ll be as fas as it’s possible  before I’ll loose the connection again 😦

So, last weekend for the first time since we moved here from there 😉 we went to Flea Market. I was just really curious how the flea market looks like… because actually I hadn’t gone to any since I came to US.

I’d been waiting with those pictures to post till yesterday (today) because yesterday was the iPhoneography day 😉 and I always wait for Friday’s post eagerly. Every one of these photos was taken with Droid using Camera 360 app.

Ok, lets start:

The parking lot for this place is huge, and it costs $5!!! EXTORTION!!!

This place is worth to come back but for nothing more than new shots! Last time we went through those streets (really – STREETS, that big this place is) we were rushing – don’t know why… The next time I would like to take my time and  to think more about what I’m taking pictures off. With the a phone in my hands I don’t look like totally new and touristic… I really don’t like to look like that in places like Flea Market, in the middle of actually nowhere with many strange looking people around me… maybe I’m paranoid, but… hm… I don’t think so.

Ok, got to go!!! I hope you enjoyed the trip 🙂

6 responses to “The Flea Market Experience”

  1. That was cute! Wow, that really was a huge flea market! I’m used to the kind which you have to drive from place to place finding local house w one in front yard on Sunday mornings. The only huge one I ever went to was in Western Maryland in a field. HUGE! Baby looks adorable as usual. I typically babywear in places like that myself, especially when taking pictures so she is on me at all times. (I’m paranoid, I guess)


    1. this market is enormous!!! OMG!!! so many streets, and that big crowd of people everywhere…
      I’m used to markes in Poland… they are something like this one, but not that big. the biggest I’ve been to was like 1/3 of this
      and actually nothing good to buy just crap-like stuff…
      hope you’re having great weekend.


  2. I have also been to a few flea markets in Poland & there definitely was much more interesting stuff to buy. Our weekend is alright. Thank you and I hope yours is good as well!


    1. You’re right, the flea markets in Poland are places worth to go. definitely!!! I love to digg through old books – they are soooo cheap, and sometimes you can find “gold”.


  3. Love these! I really enjoy going to the flea market. It’s one of my favorite things to do – dig through and find old treasures. Looks like this was a great one! Thanks again for linking up!


  4. […] The Flea Market Experience ( […]


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