Black&White with some texture is the new blue…

… feeling blue, actually.

That is how we have all been feeling for the last few days… .

And this is how our daughter is sleeping lately – on her mamma 🙂

Self-portrait (kind of)

Looking very comfy. Don’t you think?! 🙂

Sleeping-portrait (totally)

Trying to drink a bottle laying on her belly… I’ll tell you… It doesn’t work. She is figuring it out… Still. 🙂

Drinking a bottle-portrait

Have a good and sound Sunday everybody. I wish we were done with running and sneezing noses, coughing throats, watering eyes, sleepless nights and all of that… .

Hoping you are all feeling better than us!


8 responses to “Black&White with some texture is the new blue…”

  1. Lovely texture Twist, I especially like the 2nd frame!


  2. The photos are gorgeous. Poor thing! Hope you all feel better soon!


  3. Great captures. So peaceful!


  4. She is precious, I can’t get enough of sleeping babies 🙂


  5. SO sweet! Nothing like a sleeping baby. 🙂


  6. such a pretty photo. hope you guys are on the mend. 🙂 Rebecca


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