Before and after…

I missed yesterday blog hop 😦

That won’t happen today!

Today’s two blog hops:

Before and after” hosted by Pixel Perfect.

And “I learned” hosted by Click In Up a Notch

This pictures was taken with an idea to show it up in a “One day of Ewelina’s life” photo project (MomProject – Moms photographs Kids) hosted by “Dzieci sΔ… waΕΌne” (“Kids are important”). At the end, as you can see, I’ve decided to use different shots of her… and this one to use in here.

Before(1/100s; f/5.6; ISO: 1100, focal length: 55mm, lens: 18-55mm F/ 3.5 – 5.6)


Texture I used:

Critiques are MORE THAN welcome!

Our Miss Clean loves loves loves to play with newspapers, and she is getting more and more interested in watching news with her dad… Two days ago she got really tired or bored of all of what they were saying in TV. That’s how I am… Not a big news reader/watcher πŸ˜‰

…and what have I learned today?! Hm… it’s not that long time ago that I’ve started playing with textures… Everytime I use one I learn something new. This time instead of setting the texture layer on “overlay” I set it on “burn”… and it worked pretty good I guess πŸ™‚

12 responses to “Before and after…”

  1. Love how you warmed it up and added a bit of texture!


  2. She’s so cute! WIsh I knew how you did the textures thing, I have no idea how. It does look warm… But then, it’s like 0 degrees here Fahrenheit….

    Mine gets bored with tv too…


    1. I use a free software that you can get from Internet. It’s called GIMP. And you can find all kinds of tutorials (how to use textures as well) on youtube. that’s how I learned. It’s not that hard. Actually is one of the easiest things in editing photos πŸ™‚ thans for the link to the polish girl blog. I’m gonna check it out right now!


  3. Hahah, she looks as if she was really bored and yawning πŸ˜‰ cute!
    Though I’m a strange person and prefer the “before” picture. I like textures sometimes, but most of the time, I prefer the “normal” photo. I don’t know why is that so.


    1. so if you don’t like textures you won’t like my last photo project:

      it’s all about textures πŸ™‚


  4. What a cutie! I love the texture, it really added something special to the picture.


    1. thanks Janell for stopping by πŸ™‚


  5. I like the vignetting around the edges! What a sweet little one you have :O)


    1. thank you, Courtney!


  6. So cute! Love the texture you added!


  7. That texture is great!!!


    1. Thank you! I just added the texture to my post. So if you interested you can download it!


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