Tasty Tuesday Morning!

I wish all of you could join me for some real coffee and my naleśniki! Instead, I’ve just dicovered that every Tuesday there is a virtual meeting for coffee drinkers! 🙂 yeay!

I’m getting more and more addicted to reading blogs, or just browsing through them!


Today I made naleśniki for breakfast. I do not post the recipe because I do not have one. All I do is mixing some flour, one egg, milk, pinch of sugar and oil… No measures…

My little trick that I’ve learned from my sister:

pour 1 tablespoon of oil or olive oil or whatever oil you use in hour home to the batter, mix it well. that way you shouldn’t have to use any oil on the pan while frying tha crepes.

..and you know what my first neleśnik came out super good. weird… isn’t it!?

My Little One liked only  the first few pieces… I think because I didn’t use sugar for her ‘s.

She started throwing it on the floor… but I don’t know if she didn’t like it, or because she wanted to feed our doggy. She started doing that sometime like a  week ago. She hangs down from her chair throwing the food and watching Di eating it.  I hope she won’t be like her daddy… so picky and so not into Polish (or any other different-than-american) cousine. Fingers crossed! 😉

Hopefully she’ll like it more with strawberries and different kinds of fillings… Someday!

Anyway I think they were delicious and even my loved one ate it… Don’t know what he liked more… the crepes or the strawberries sauce. I think the second one! 😉

I at the other hand ate two of them despite my terrible tooth ache!

10 responses to “Tasty Tuesday Morning!”

  1. Amelia E. Adler Avatar
    Amelia E. Adler

    Hahah. You’ve made Polish naleśniki today and I’ve made American pancakes for dinner for me and my flatmate 😉
    Anyway, your photos, even if you’re taking only photos of meals, are incredible. This is a real talent you have! I wish I had a tenth of that, when I take photos, usually only one for fifty comes up somewhat good (though never quite that good!).



    1. my talent causes me to eat cold meals almost every time I make something… . and sometimes I’m not sure what’s better. warm meal, tea, coffee, etc, or good picture 😉
      but anyway, dzięki za komplement!


  2. Wow. Your pictures look so much tastier than mine! Yummmm… I’m sure she throws them like mine does, because it’s fun. They have no concept yet of throwing enough away from themselves until it’s all gone, just the concept of throwing and dropping itself. How darling! Mine does it, then looks at her bowl and cries for more… That strawberry sauce looks too delicious!
    I had no idea about Tasty Tuesday, thanks for sharing!


    1. thank you! my tooth is better right now, still hurts, though.
      the strawberry sauce is just frozen stawberries and sugar. I simmer everything for about 20 mintues…
      btw, did you get the link to the gardening forum? I posted it under the “just walk” post…

      have a great day!


      1. I saw it. I still have to go to it, so much to do! Writing some pretty emotional posts so have been busy. I found a blog, btw, which perhaps you might like. She is another Polka who came as a child, http://classychaos.com/index.php I think you might like her. Under her Popular Posts, she has a bunch about being an immigrant. Really awesome!

        Glad to hear it feels somewhat better. Have you used salt water to rinse it a few times a day? That helps me. Hugs!


  3. Also, I’m sorry to hear about your toothache. I know all too well what that is like (I am waiting to get my wisdom teeth pulled and a root canal that couldn’t save a tooth which another dentist filled a microscopic cavity. The infection from the cavity filling dentist looked as though I had a baseball sticking out of my face, it was unreal how large it got and how quickly!). I hope you feel better soon!


  4. At -15 deg C we dont have much choice at our place. But we are constantly innovating 🙂


  5. yum!! visiting from virtual coffee! i host tea on tuesdays. stop by and join if you’d like!


    1. thanks for stopping by! I’ll check out your “tea party” 😉


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