Mellow Yello Monday

So… Imagin the most yellow feeling of yours… and imagin that actually yellow is not your favorite colour…

So… That’s how I’ve been feeling today. Mellow, too, but in the bad way of feeling mellow… totally bad… sad… down…

At least I was able to take some (I think) good shots – thanks to my loved one. He almost draged me out of the bed, and further out of the apartment saying: common, you’ll feel better after walk… common, mamma! lets go!!! So we went for not-so-long-not-so-short walk, but long enough 😉

Walks are great!!!

and feeling mellow and yellow I’d prefere to feel hot and red and full of energy… but oh well I think I can olny wish for it, editing my photos and painting it red… and hoping for much better tomorrow… 😉

4 responses to “Mellow Yello Monday”

  1. Oh, how beautiful! I am really unfamiliar with what can be done with photos now but that background is really neat.
    Sorry to hear you feel sad. I hope you start feeling better. It’s so sweet your husband told you to take a walk and helped/forced you to take one. Perhaps it didn’t fix your feelings but perhaps it shined a little light on your day.
    I have a gorgeous (I think but again, basic point & shoot, not a photographer and don’t have an artists’s eye like you) photo of daffodils blooming at Gettysburg, I will have to share.
    Here, we are bracing for a huge blizzard so the flowers are a welcome site!


    1. Ups and downs… a little bit more often after the baby was born… but I guess that’s normal… Walks always help… They don’t cure me totally but they help a lot. I love the sun, I love the fresh air, and I love to take pictures while we walking… that’s always refreshing 🙂
      Today I feel much better. Thank you.
      Going to make Kisiel 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling mellow! Some days I feel that way too! I am so jealous of your beautiful pictures. I’ll bet your walk with your little one did help though. We are having a blizzard. I wonder if we will ever see such pretty yellow flowers again!

    Feel better! 🙂



    1. Thank you, Megan! Photography is a cure for everything for me 🙂
      and don’t worry, Spring is coming soon 🙂
      but until then you can take some amazing photos of the snow, and winter landscape 🙂 sometimes I wish I had the chance to do that, but only for one day… and be back to this warm weather the next day 🙂


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