My blah, blah, blah about facebook, breastfeeding, baby formula

… etc.

I’ve been feeling kind of under the weather for the last few months but when it comes to taking pictures nothing can stop me!
This time picture of me, and my poor lip.

Last attack of plugged ducts ended up with noticeable lost of my milk supply 😦 Sorry if I bother talking about it. At least I’m not taking (and posting) pictures of breastfeeding myself with my entire boob popped out… like some women like to do. I’m not against it… but hm… what for!?! I don’t like the whole situation with facebook taking breatfeeding women pictures down because it’s obscene! What the hell!? I even joined the group Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! (Official petition to Facebook).
Breastfeeding is natural and very beautiful. THAT IS WHY WOMEN HAVE BOOBS!!! It’s not for the purpose of flashig it in front of a guy’s eyes (even if they think differently), but for the purpose of feeding the baby. We are mammals. We might originate from Adam and Eve but still – they were mammals, too!

I understand nursing in public but cover yourself a little! You can do whatever you want at home. Walk naked, feed naked, sleep naked, eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner naked, but why you do have to take a picture of it and post it where ever you get the chance!
Sex is a beautiful thing too. Beacuse of sex we can make babies, right?! It’s beautiful, and NATURAL. But do we go to the park or any public places to have intercurse?! Are we dogs?! Pooping and peeing is NATURAL, too! SO WHAT! Would anybody let me poop on his/her front yard because it’s TOTALLY NATURAL!?
I know that breastfeeding helps us to celebrate our motherhood, our bonding time with the little ones… But this kind of bonding and celebrating I’d prefere to keep as private as possible.
I know that sometimes it’s not possible, but when it’s not it still doesn’t have to be with full breast exposed!

That’s why we are called Homo sapiens – wise men. We, the human beings should know what’s the difference between breastfeeding and breastfeeding, or sex and sex. That’s why we have highly developed brains to know where the litmit is.

Ok, I totally let myself loose.

After one cold sore and plugged ducts I thought that finally I’ll get the chance to enjoy a painless day. Nope! It didn’t happen. Instead I woke up with my lip looking like I was punch in the mouth with a baseball bat. It hurts as hell. Somebody told me it might be another cold sore, somebody else that it’s an infection. I was told that it might be allergy, also. Whatevery that is… I don’t like it. I think I’ve got a big vitamins deficit, and I know it for sure, but may that be a reason of all of this…?!?!

The next thing I’m not happy about is that it seems like the days of breastfeeding came to an end. For the last few days I’ve been trying to inroduce formula to our daughter diet but it seems that she hates it!!! The only thing I’d heard from Mister She’ll Get Use To It was “she’ll get use to it”! grrr… but it wasn’t him who had to deal with hungry baby and it wasn’t him who was worrying that she is not getting enough of the vitamins and everything what she was getting from me!!!

I didn’t know what to do, and how to make her drink it. She was hungry but there was no way she would drink that formula.

Totally angry or maybe exausted of thinking about it I poured some almond milk to her bottle and gave it to her. BOOM!!! A bell ringer!!! Yeay!!!

She drank it all and asked for more 😉 and look how happy she was after all… Ufff…
Another lesson from the school of parenting learned.

2 responses to “My blah, blah, blah about facebook, breastfeeding, baby formula”

  1. My toddler hates whole milk also but enjoys Almond Milk too. Very cute photos.
    Yes, it sounds like vitamin deficiency. Go take your vitamins, drink juice, eat dark green vegetables, and somehow, someway get rest. Your body is going through a lot. Hugs and I hope you feel better.


    1. I want to try rice milk. I heard that it’s ok for the baby, too. Somebody told me that almond milk in so early age might coze an allergy. She seems fine right now, but still, I want to try rice milk.
      Do you know if I can mix the formula with some baby food, so the taste is not so strong, and she won’t notice it… ? is it safe?


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