Silent early morning of December 25th…

With my little Miss who made me get up 2,5 hours before everybody else we went for a trip around the in-laws house. Of course we had a small breakfast before…

6 thoughts on “Silent early morning of December 25th…

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    1. Thank you, Arline!
      I love going to somebody elses’s homes and take pictures of old stuff that they have in there, or of something that they’ve been collecting or hoardering… I just love it. Sometimes is just simple thing, but… it’s not mine, and it looks nice or old, or dusty, rusty, or whatever 😉


    1. lol… that tea set is for kids… it’s tiny. I barely could hold the tea cup between my two fingers 🙂
      and no, it’s not mine. it’s my husband sister’s kids 🙂


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