The pool area and stuff…

Sometimes somebody thinks that something looks like a mess.
The same thing for somebody else is a subject of interest (I don’t mean a “subject of cleaning”), like there is nothing strange with that picture, like there is something beautiful in it…

For example our pool area for quite a long time had looked like we do not have landscapers. We do. But it happens that in California is Fall right now, and everything, everywhere looks like the landscapers are out of job.

For me it looked beautiful. The leafes lying on and under the table, and chairs.
I would go out of our apartment just to stand there in front of the pool area, and look at the beautiful yellowish tree, and the leafes laying around.

For so many days I had been peeking, and looking, and standing there thinking of how beautiful picture it would be if I wasn’t that lazy and took my camera out with me…

And finally that day had come, and I assure you I wasn’t standing on my head…

ah… I would have forgotten… This is the “and stuff” part of this post:

Don’t be shy and let me know what’s hiding in your head!

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