At the Rainbow Park on Rainbow Drive

…hm… it’s almost like “the double rainbow”. right? 😉

My double rainbow loves to go to the parks and play.
Dad’s happy that daughter is growing so he can take her out and play a little bit more than before.
Daugther is happy because she is out of and

Ewelina is more interactive, loves to go out and just hang out wherever we leave her. She is looking around at other kids playing. It’s amazing how time is flying…
Sometimes I feel like she was born just a few days ago…
Sometimes like it’s been a year or more.
When you’ve got a child you see it growing and not knowing when it’s 18th.
I’m so happy I’ve been taking pictures of her almost every day, and everywhere. The only thing it’s gonna last forever.
Someday when she is gone building her own life and her own family I’ll have my picures, and that little precious girl on them.
She’ll be always precious. And she’ll be always my little girl.

Don’t be shy and let me know what’s hiding in your head!

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