creative way to use the light from the window blinds


we were sitting in front of the window, and the light on Ewelina’s face was amazing… . I know that sometimes what looks amazing in real life does not look even good in a picture.

I was afraid that with those stripes from the blinds her face will look weird, and the pictures won’t look good, but I gave it a try… just to experiment a little.

I think it came out not too bad… 🙂

4 thoughts on “creative way to use the light from the window blinds

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  1. coś pięknego!
    piękne dziecię i piękna dusza matki odciśnięta w cieniach, świetle, perspektywie i nastroju.
    Kocham Was obie!


  2. I hate how sometimes things look so much better in person because you really want to capture the moment and remember it. I think they came out really well though!


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