My family at the beach…

Capitola, CA. New Brighton State Beach.

Ewelina’s first visit at the beach. It was fun.

Dad’s wish was not to be on any of my pictures…

So I said ok. Your wish is my command! (Yea! Right!)

I’m lucky I’ve got Ewelina. She is such a great model, and I don’t have to be sneaky with her…

4 responses to “My family at the beach…”

    1. I think so too 🙂


  1. As always….fabulous shots. Looks like a beautiful fall day at the beach. As much as Jay said NO to photos…he has got to like that one of him. Very, very handsome photo.


    1. Thanks, Arline! It was very beautiful day. The fog came from nowhere, sticked around for like a half of an hour, and went away… the rest of the day was gorgeous, and sunny… really amazing day.
      … speaking of saying NO to photos. I always have to be sneaky with Jay… oh well 🙂


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