The very new teeth… two of ’em


I’d taken something around 3 dozens of photos of Ewelina’s face, lips, nose, chin, tongue… everything trying to capture her two growing teeth…

This is what I got:

She had a small break down in the middle of our session 🙂
It didn’t last long…, and doggy didn’t care about it too much. Di was happy she could cuddle with somebody for a while…, and it didn’t matter if that somebody is screaming her head off…

3 responses to “The very new teeth… two of ’em”

  1. Aaaah, finally! Little Turtle, I miss her… And the look on Di’s face is fantastic 😉


  2. Great shots, Ewa. Especially love the one with Di. Of course I love any photo with Di. She’s such a good girl!


  3. Thanks Girls!
    Di is always fantastic… You know that.
    She makes every shoot looks great, and funny 🙂


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