Such a cutie…

Ewelina is almost 5 months old… and she amazes us so much every single day.
She’s got two teeth, and she can sits up withouth our help… 🙂
She can roll over from her back to belly, but she can roll over back. She gets upset, and we need to run to help her get back on her back ( get back on her back… hm… is English really funny, or am I too tired to write this sentence right). Whatever it is it’s funny… English, Ewelina, rolls over, rolls back (or not), doggy, etc…

ah… and today’s photography session was funny too.
A few months ago I tried this outfit on her, and it was much too big… Yesterday before I dressed Ewelina up in it I thought it’s still too big, but I’ll give it a try…
And I was like:
Upss… – almost too small. lol

She looked so cute in it that I couldn’t think of anything else just to take some pictures of her.
It came out, that this outfit didn’t play any big role in our photography session… Oh well. Believe me or not she looks really beautiful in it…

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  1. Nice
    Thank you
    Greetings to all


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