I got him-the humming bird !!!

Finally, after months of having the humming bird feeder on my patio I’d had the time (mostly patience) to sit with a camera in my hands, and wait, wait, wait… and… wait… 🙂

I expected it not to be very easy mission, but… that hard… Really?! These crazy birds are…hm… crazy! It’s some kind of higher level of photography to take a decent shot of ’em.

I guess one of the main reasons I couldn’t capture these birds is Me. My presence on the patio. A few times I saw, and heard them coming, had my camera ready, and… about 5 inches from the feered they would stop, and I swear, they would look at me like: what the hell is that?!?!?, and they would take off without even touching the feeder.

Today I was more patient, and took better pictures, and the hummings weren’t so afraid of me anymore 🙂 like they get used to me being there… It was really cool, to be able to watch them so close 🙂
I’ll post pictures from today later.
This one is from yesterday.

One response to “I got him-the humming bird !!!”

  1. Yes, it does take patience…but, they do get use to you! After I sit there a few times in the summer…I learn their routine…they keep the same loop through the yard and I always hear their “buzz” and know they’re coming. So many times they come right up in my face. Too close to even snap a photo. They are busy little guys.


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