Little Sleeper – meet the World…

the World meet our Little One πŸ™‚

Actually she met the World (and the World’s met her) two weeks ago. It was happy day for everybody, and the moment she arrived was very relieving… VERY!!!

Especially for mom!!!

Last week we had a visitor who wanted so badly to take a few pictures of her.

Joanna's camera and Little Sleeper

more Joanna’s pictures from this visit here

While Joanna was taking her pictures I couldn’t just sit and watch them, I had to join in!!!

So, here they are, my pictures of the daughter of mine:

in the basket
Little sleeping thinker
Feeling comfy and very sleepy
sleeping beauty
cute curves

3 responses to “Little Sleeper – meet the World…”

  1. Oh, my goodness. Priceless, beautiful, breathtaking…none of it seems enough for these photos. They are amazing, beautiful…you name it.
    She is just gorgeous, Ewa. You camera catches every small detail. Oh, I just want to hug her!


  2. Very cute shots πŸ™‚


  3. She’s adorable. Duh. How could she not be? πŸ˜‰ I’m glad I got to see her at that moment. She must be a totally different baby two weeks later. Not any less cute, just different. They grow so fast, keep on capturing those precious moments!


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