Being lazy lately

I’m still here 🙂 Just (very) lazy lately. Taking pictures every day. Really!!! So many pictures on my computer, but non of them posted here 😦 I know. Human Laziness. That’s it !
Bad Ewa! Shame on me!

This is not picture from today, because I was to lazy to move my last photos to the computer 🙂 It’s nice to be lazy, but it’s not nice to be tired of being lazy. So I decided that tomorrow I won’t be as much lazy as the last couple of days. I promise!

    My little garden growing

3 responses to “Being lazy lately”

  1. Ewa,
    Lazy is allowed! After all, very, very, soon…you won’t be lazy anymore. Not for at least 18 years! lol
    Beautiful capture. I love your little seedlings in their eggs.
    Hugs from my corner.


  2. Thank you, Arline. Your comment made me feel better. really 😉 I think my body knows what you just said, and that’s why wants to sleep so


  3. Your body is smart….keep listening to it! 🙂


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