At the California State Capitol

Last weekend me and Jay had spent great time visiting Joanna and Paulo -poor human being had to work all the time we were there. At least me, and Joanna had the excuse to go out, and play with our cameras. Poor Jay had to go wherever we went.

    On Saturday the weather was gorgeous, on Saturday…oh well… not so much

So, on Sunday after visiting DC Davis Arboretum, and after having lunch
we weren’t ready to head back home, but it started to rain really bad. We’d decided to spent some time indoors taking the free tour inside the place where the office of the Govenor of the California is placed.

    Waiting for the tour to start we were wandering around, and taking pictures… of course!

… and after that I used my super dupper new camera, and instead of bending mybigself I just tilted my camera’s monitor… and look how it came out…

Taking the two below looked something like this

4 responses to “At the California State Capitol”

  1. Love them, love them all! The dome shots are beyond awesome! And lucky you with that screen, heheh. I was pretty sore the next day 😉


  2. Ewa,
    These photos are fabulous. Love the bear. Sorry to say when I lived in California I never visited the Capital. Thank you for sharing your amazing view of it all. I always love “EWA’S ANGLE” on things.


  3. I like ’em too… Strange 😉
    but most of my shots of the “green”, and “red” room are tooooooo dark, and couldn’t do anything to rescue them. need to work out the new camera a little bit more. it’s different than d80.


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