It’s not the camera… it’s the Photographer…


    One week ago my camera was stolen, together with some of my “Pictures of the day” that I hadn’t downloaded to my computer…, with 3 lenses, with the USB Card Reader, and 16 GB Memory Card…, and more…

I’d thought, oh well maybe I should change my hobby. After that an enormous headache has appeared in my quiet everyday-life. I feel miserable, and exausted, and I want it to stop! But the wishful thinking doesn’t work in this case, nor Tylenol.

    Today I tooke advantage of a beautiful sunny day, couple of hours without the headache, and Jay’s old pocked camera 🙂
    Camera is a camera, right… No matter what brand, and how old… If it takes pictures I can use it, for now
03/20/10 - lazy doggy on my lap

7 thoughts on “It’s not the camera… it’s the Photographer…

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  1. Its so sad that this happened and even though I’ve been a cop for the last twelve years I’ve been a victim of theft also. I know the feeling very well. Keep your chin up and know that if the police don’t get the crook, karma will in the end.


  2. Karma is a wonderful thing! What goes around comes around.
    Love this photo of Di. While this whole situation SUCKS, I hope finding time to just sit and “be” has given you some peace.
    love from my corner, Ewa.



  3. Ewa,
    Emily Dickinson powiedział: “Moi przyjaciele są moim nieruchomości.” Uważam, że można część mojej nieruchomości.

    My offer still stands, just say the word and I will ship the camera right to you. Chin up my friend….oh by the way, the picture in this post is amazing…


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